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Share Your HalloCasa Real Estate Business Card with Your Clients

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Present Yourself and Your Company with Your Branding

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Reach more people with automatic translations and World Currencies

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Have all Your Real Estate Listings in one Place

Your Digital Business Card in Minutes

In Less than 5 Minutes to Your International Broker Page

You do not have a website and want to have a fast and simple solution? Use HalloCasa as your real estate listings site. Include all Your Contact Information, and Social Media Links. Upload Your Listings immediately. Share Your Digital Business Cards with Your Clients. No expensive hassle for Website hosting. 

Simple Branding to your Needs

Personalize it to Your Brand

Upload Your Background Image and Profile Picture. Choose Your Username for Your Personal URL. Share Your Profile with Your Clients. Use the HalloCasa Appointment Button to Your Calendly Appointment Link so that Your clients can schedule Appointments with You. Skip the costs for a designer.

Purely Global Solution for Greater Reach

Automatic Translation and World Currencies

HalloCasa Translates Your Listings automatically and converts them into Different Currencies. Enter country-specific information per listing. Put Your Description in Your preferred Languages. HalloCasa takes over for the remaining languages. Make your listings finally available to Your Global Audience.

Have All Your Listings in one Place

Your Own Website 10 EUR / Month

Upload All Your Listings and send them to Your Clients. Along the Professional Plan, 10 listings are included. Everything in one Place.

Our Real Estate Podcast Show

Be Guest on Our Show!

HalloCasa invites You to take part on our Global Real Estate Show. You can talk about Your Business, Your City and Your Country. Present Your Service Offerings and show us some interesting Investment Opportunities.

What HalloCasa users say

“HalloCasa is the fastest way to show my business details and listings in multiple currencies and languages.”

Ana Laura

Santiago de Chile

“Since HalloCasa, I do not have to work with tedious websites and hosting. The interface is slick and easy and it makes my life much more confortamble. I now always give clients my HalloCasa profile where they see all my new listings directly.”


New York, NY

“I really like the XML Feed. It synchronizes all my data automatically and saves me a lot of time.”


Dallas, Texas

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Set Personal Weekly Alerts


Save Your Favorite Listings


New Listings promoted to all HalloCasa Subscribers

Personal Website

All Listings on Branded Broker Profiles


Let others Book Meetings with You

Personal URL

Broker´s own Username and URL



Chat directly with other Users

Bulk Upload

Upload all Your Listings via XML


Give and Receive Endorsements

Find Brokers

Find Brokers via location or expertise

External Links

Links to Broker´s Social Media & Website

The Creation of Your Own Web Presentation includes 3 Steps:


Sign Up

Register on HalloCasa
with Your Company E-Mail.


Check Out

Click on “Create Profile” and Choose the Plan which is right for You.


Enter Your Information

Click on Your Name and on “My Profile” and enter all your information. Upload Your Listings!


What features are included in each Plan?

Each plan contains the same set of features. The only difference is the amount of listings you can upload. Like that, you can test all functionalities, even on the free plan and upgrade if you like it. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any desired point. The subscription will not be renewed anymore after expiration of your current plan. 

How can people contact me?

Interested home owners and investors can contact you via any means you entered on HalloCasa: email, phone number, social media, website. Additionally, you can use our native messenger function to chat directly with other users.